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Flying Star Feng Shui Consultations

Flying Star looks at the energy of your home or office by combining time, direction and space to create a powerful and revealing horoscope for your space. Your consultation includes specific adjustments to put in place to deflect challenging star energy in your home as well as adjustments to amplify positive energy. These are for long term (20 years) as well as specifically for the current year. We will be shifting from Period 8 to Period 9 in February 2024 so this is an extremely beneficial time to schedule your Flying Star Consultation!
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Bedroom or Single Room Feng Shui Consult $333     (Virtual Consult)   Click to book your Feng Shui Consult here on MindBody Connect.

Would you like to sleep better? Feel more supported in your relationships, career and life? Improve your health? Your bedroom is the most important room in your home! You will:
  • Improve the flow of your bedroom or any other room of your home & remedy poison arrows and door issues
  • Feel more supported
  • Bring balance to your relationships
  • Spice up your current relationship or attract your soul mate
  • 30 Minute phone consult
  • Prioritized adjustments
Life Shift Feng Shui Package $1188*  Virtual or In Person (on Maui) Click to book your Feng Shui Consult here on MindBody Connect.

Your environment both reflects and AFFECTS your life and is responsible for 1/3 of your luck!

This comprehensive package will help you create an environment that supports you and quickly unblock stuck energy, attracting the people, circumstances and things you want into your life! I'll look at every area of your home.

You Receive: 
  • Accurate Bagua Map for your Home 
  • 90 minute private consultation
  • Floor Plan Analysis (missing pieces, stair, fireplace, bathroom & door issues)
  • Specific adjustments to create harmony in your home
  • Challenging and positive directions including cures
  • Prioritized adjustments & Summary of Appointment
  • 30 minute follow up phone consult
  • BONUS! Remote Space Clearing ($322 value)

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  * All consults are virtual, unless on Maui (or other locations I am visiting). For these places,30 minutes travel time free.  A $50 travel charge will apply for each additional 30 minutes. If you are interested in an in-home consultation in other locations and are willing to pay travel expenses, please contact Kim to discuss!

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Bedroom before Feng Shui with window behind bed.
Before Feng Shui: The only possible placement for the bed in this room
is under the window. Windows have a lot of energy and can disrupt sleep as well as giving you the feeling of unease or feeling unprotected.

In Feng Shui, we love the solid headboard and footboard here as it
provides support and protection for the occupants.

Kim recommended the nightstands be changed so they are roughly equal
in size and weight. She also recommended matching lamps be added to provide balance in the relationship.

Create an environment in your bedroom so it's your favorite room in the house!

After Feng Shui, the window disappears and romantic bedspread added
After Feng Shui: The window virtually disappears with the addition of a beautiful curtain. Pairs of French pictures were added to either side of the curtain and a more neutral, soothing bedspread replaced the busy quilted pattern above.

Notice the picture on the right wall of the couple. This is a great picture for a bedroom as it represents partnership. We love having pairs of things in this space.

Client is still looking to find matching nightstands and lamps. As I always tell my clients, Feng Shui is a lifestyle & a process and it is meant to be done over a period of time (it's a not a do in a weekend type of thing.)

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