The Red Envelope Tradition

The Red Envelope Tradition is a Chinese custom that is still used in China today. Money is exchanged in red envelopes for the Chinese New Year, weddings & other occasions.

Traditionally Feng Shui practitioners are paid in red envelopes to honor this legacy. This tradition: 
  • Shows respect for the sacred work done by the practitioner
  • Increases the effectiveness of the information that is being shared with you
  • Is a way to respect and honor the exchange of money. 
  • Protects me, the practitioner, from having my ch'i (energy) drained or weakened when sharing information

If I (or one of my clients) shares a feng shui adjustment with you, you will be asked to honor the Red Envelope Tradition.

When you hire me for a Feng Shui Consultation, you will be asked to provide one new red envelope. The envelope may be purchased new or made by using red paper or even using another color of envelope and decorating it with red. If you are writing a check for the consultation, please place your payment in the red envelope.

Paying Online, Virtual Consultations or Adjustment Sharing 

If we are meeting in person and you are paying online or via credit card, you may place coins in multiples of 9 in the envelope (such as .09 or 1.08). It is best if the number of coins adds up to an odd number (1 coin, 3 coins, 5 coins, etc).

Or if this is a virtual consult, you may send an envelope to me at:

Finding Your Fiji LLC
PO Box 532565
Kihei HI 96753

You may choose instead to honor the Red Envelope Tradition in a way that also honors the environment.
To do so, follow this link: Red Envelope

The Benefits of Honoring the Red Envelope Tradition

Taking the time to honor this tradition begins your personal process of opening up to the information that has been provided to you and will increase its effectiveness.

Once a "Red Envelope" payment has been received, I will hold space for your intention to support you in any changes or enhancements you're making.

If you decide to share the secret information given by a Feng Shui practitioner, you must likewise honor the tradition by asking the new person to whom the information is bestowed for a red envelope. Inside the envelope the new person places coins in a multiple of 9. The client receiving the Feng Shui envelope puts it under his or her pillow for one night, after which any money can be removed and the envelope burned or destroyed. The client may donate any money received to a charity of choice or keep it for personal use.

Alternatively, the Red Envelope link may be shared with the new person and I will then hold space for their intentions.


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