Space Clearing & Communication
Appointment options available for space clearing:

Remote Space Clearing
Space Whispering

My Space Whispering consult is the most popular as it combines a remote clearing with a communication with your home that helps raise the energetic vibration of your space. It will help you and your children sleep better, clears negative or stuck energy, helps with home selling and gives you a fresh start. You will feel better, lighter and happier afterwards!

Consult includes:
  • Remote energetic clearing of each level or your home, all rooms, inside and outside
  • Anchoring the home with Angels (and their messages)
  • Talking to your home to find out it's name and what it needs to support you
  • Placing your home in an energy ring for at least 24 hours
  • 30 minute phone session to share my findings
  • Action steps to raise the vibration of your space
  • Summary of Communication and Clearing

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