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3 KEYS to Finding Your Fiji 
Harmony in your Head     Harmony in your Heart  & Harmony in your Home
1st Key: Your Head 2nd Key: Your Heart 3rd Key: Your Home
What you think about, you
bring about. What you focus
on expands. The Law of Attraction says that like
attracts like so you are continuously attracting or repelling the things you want.

When you shift your thoughts to focus on
what you
want rather
than what you
don't want , you will notice things
start working out for you and life is a lot easier.

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Connecting to your higher wisdom, your angels and your guides allows you to navigate your life with more ease, abundance and grace. 

Angels provide you with comfort, advice and encouragement to move forward in your life.
Everything is energy, including your home and office. In order to Find Your Fiji, it's important to create an environment that energetically supports you
and your dream life.

You know how it feels when you enter a space that you love, that's nurturing and just feels good, right?
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   Client Experiences
1:1 Coaching
Working with Kim has been life changing!

“Working with Kim has been life changing. She saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself. I now feel more inner peace and I have gained trust in my ability to communicate with my guides.

Working with Kim gave me an extra heart, so to speak, an objective observer who very much cares and wants my evolution, to help bring to light those blind spots I may have not been able to see on my own. Kim is an experienced intuitive who provides a wealth of information to help navigate this awesome journey. I am eternally grateful for her loving support and guidance! I have grown leaps and bounds with Kim's loving support.”

Carol Morgan
Prescott, WI


Life Navigation Session
I am excited about my business again!

"I was amazed by the information that came through. Not only did I receive reassurance, but I received real advice for my soul.  The session gave me restored hope and a sense of balance and peace. Kim went above and beyond, sending me tactical and practical information that I can use. I feel more equipped to handle each day and am excited about my business again.

I can't say enough wonderful things about my session with Kim. It's like nothing I've ever tried before. It was extremely helpful and fun too! I highly recommend her!

Anonymous (Realtor)

Best tool I’ve ever had!

"Kim's 12 month Forecast is the best tool I’ve ever had.  It's almost too good to be true...you laid out my business plan for the year!

Kim's readings have been to the T. With a 2 hour reading, I don’t feel rushed and there is ample time for healing and to have my questions answered. I will always make time for my tune-up! Thanks Kim for helping me navigate life!!!”

Ivy Ellerby
Eastern Design and Home Staging www.FengShui-It.com

Goose-bumps, clarity & feelings of renewal

"Angel readings with Kim have brought me confirming goose-bumps, clarity, and feelings of renewal and courage to move forward. My all-time favorite session with Kim was a 2-hour Angel reading. Although at first that sounds excessive, the 2 hours flew by and it was the first reading where I walked away with ALL my life questions answered. Kim is soooo well connected with the Angels and so compassionate when she delivers their messages. The investment was worth every dime. I intend to continue working with Kim and will keep referring others to her, too!"

Julie Jacky
Melbourne Beach, FL

I called back almost $100,000!

  "I was amazed at what an impact subtle changes and/or fixes can make. I hung a bell on my patio door 'to call the money back' and just found a 401K investment from a previous employer valued at almost $100K! I also started as an Independent Meeting Planner a year ago and have had a very prosperous first year that ended with a business trip (and mini vacation) to Hawaii in November. My home feels harmonious and I am energized by all the wonderful things that are happening!"

Amy-Marie Lemanski
Plymouth, MN

I wish I had done it sooner!

"Kim is amazing. It took me 7 months to finally think the 'Feng Shui' was worth it. Now, I wish I had done it sooner. This month, I doubled my best month financially and I had helpful people come in and build just what I needed in the office. Plus so much more! Kim is just amazing, as a person and as someone to take care of your business."

Dr. Zgia Hoffpauir - Kjonaas
Shoreview, MN

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