We all have challenges in our lives and having a coach or mentor to help you navigate them is invaluable.           

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"Good things started coming my way and I started attracting people, especially past clients/referrals & getting more business!"

"The reason I have made all the changes in the last few months is because a whole new world opened up to me from Feng Shui and coaching with Kim."

"I am in a much better place now. I'm more confident, more able to own my power, am focused and have a good flow going."

Finding Your Fiji Coaching
Having a guide by your side to help you navigate your life and business challenges with ease and grace is invaluable. My mission is to help you create Harmony in your Head, your Heart and your Home so that you can start living your dream life today!

Together we will create:

Harmony in your Head by changing your mindset and getting clear about where you are, what you want and what’s keeping you stuck. I will help you identify and release your limiting beliefs to help you get out of your own way.

Harmony in your Heart  by tapping into your Higher Wisdom and connecting regularly with your angels and guides. I help you develop your intuition so that you hear and understand your inner guidance and make better decisions. Plus you’ll learn how to keep your energy field clear and increase your energy levels.

Harmony in your Home by clearing your physical blocks and creating an environment in your home and/or office that energetically supports you. I will help you shift the energy of your space so it has good flow and feels amazing! Using Feng Shui adjustments I will help you speed up the Law of Attraction.

Go From Feeling... 


Overwhelmed & Anxious
Insecure, doubtful
Like a failure
Burned out or bored
All alone
You don’t have enough clients
Unable to find help
You’re always missing the boat
To Feeling...


Peaceful & Calm
Clear about goals & outcomes
Excited about biz and life
Prepared for whatever comes up
Clients coming from multiple places
You consistently attract opportunities
You attract the perfect partners
Being in the right place at the right time
Centered, grounded and grateful

"Hiring a coach that understands my work and why I have no interest in some things was the smartest thing I did last year. Thank you Kim for coming into my life and helping me become even more authentic to myself and others! In the months we worked together, I see where small changes are making a huge difference in my business and my life."  - Elaine Garley,  http://animalbridges.com/

 "Working with Kim helped me think differently about life, events and things that happen. Good things started coming my way and I started attracting people, especially past client,referrals and getting more business. The reason I have made all the changes in the last few months is because of the whole new world that has opened to me from Feng Shui and coaching with Kim! It pushed me outside my comfort zone to make decisions that I'd been wanting to make for a long time." - Kari

 "Before I began working with Kim, I was frustrated because my home wasn’t selling. After working with Kim my home is now sold! Yay!!! The energy really shifted and changed in me and my home and my business is also moving forward with new ideas!" - Connie

Are you tired of feeling STUCK and know you are ready to SHIFT your business and life?

I help you:
  •  Awaken your intuition
  •  Clear your mental and physical clutter
  •  Uncover and release your limiting beliefs
  •  Keep your energy/vibration high, protected and clear
  •  Understand and use the Law of Attraction and Law of Magnetism
  •  Move your Business and Life to the next level
  •  Attract your IDEAL clients
  •  Raise the vibration of your environment, your business and YOU so you can attract more of what you want

Finding Your Fiji’s programs are really unique because they include:
  • INTUITIVE GUIDANCE during every coaching session
  • Coaching that is completely customized to create the biggest SHIFT for you!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you on track with your desired changes
  • Email/Text and Phone ACCESS TO ME in between sessions (which is really priceless!)
  • SUPPORT with major life shifts including: leaving corporate jobs, starting and successfully running businesses, divorce, moving, parental death, financial challenges, children transitions, spiritual awakening & much more.
  • SMART BUSINESS ADVICE. I have trained with the world leaders in business and personal development which means you have access to my vast knowledge of the best tools, rituals and processes in the spiritual, mental and business arenas without having to fly all over the country and spend tens of thousands of dollars.

Schedule your FREE 20 minute Chat with Kim to learn more!!


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