Available Consults Include:
Space Communication & Remote Clearing    $477
  • Do you feel the energy is off in your space, but don't know why?
  • Would you like to learn the name of your home/building?
  • Have you had difficulty selling your home or property?
As an intuitive I am able to connect with the energy of your space to determine what may be holding you back or what your space needs to fully support you and the things you want to manifest. Prior to our 45 minute phone appointment, I will Communicate with your space and also perform a remote Energetic Clearing.



Prospective Home Purchase Analysis |does home have good Feng Shui
  Feng Shui Prospective Home Purchase Analysis  $499

  • Does the home you are considering purchasing have good Feng Shui?
  • Will your family Prosper there?
  • Will your Partnership thrive?
  • Will your Health be good and your Career be successful?
Prospective Home Purchase Analysis |does home have good Feng Shui

  A Feng Shui Prospective Home Purchase Analysis will help you decide if this home is right for you!

        Your prospective home purchase analysis includes:
  • An accurate Bagua map of the home
  • Calculation of Ming Gua numbers for each family member to determine positive and challenging directions
  • An outline of general Feng Shui challenges of the home (no adjustments are given for this consultation)
  • Prospects for Prosperity, Relationships, Health and Career in this home
  • Your positive and challenging directions and how this home's energy relates to yours
  • Summary of challenges/positives and recommendations

* Flying Star assessment (determination of the energy of the physical building) available for an additional fee


Feng Shui Realtor/Home Seller Package  $555*

      Are you having trouble selling your home?  Are you a realtor and have a listing on the market too long?

A Feng Shui tune up will attract the right buyer so your home will sell faster!!

In this personal consultation, you will:
  • Gain an understanding of the principles of Feng Shui and the Bagua (Feng Shui life map)
  • Receive a professional layout of the Bagua on the home
  • Learn where there are missing pieces and how to energetically fill in these gaps
  • Receive easy suggestions for improving the energetic flow and balance in the home 
  • Be given tips for arranging furniture in rooms to remedy poison arrows and improve the flow
  • Understand how the 3 rules of reinforcement work together in Feng Shui to create change
  • Be given adjustment options that meet your needs and comfort level 
  • Learn the Feng Shui secret to selling homes fast - The Selling House Adjustment
  • Receive prioritized recommendations
  • Includes a remote Space Clearing! 
    * 30 minutes travel time free.  A $25 travel charge will apply for each additional 30 minutes.
     Virtual consults are available via Zoom.

Client Experience
The second showing that happened I had an accepted purchase agreement!

This is my 30th year selling real estate. The hardest part of selling a home is after a loved one has passed away in the home. There feels like there is sadness still present. In MN we don’t have to disclose a natural death to potential buyers. Although some cultures ask and if there has been they have a ritual and then proceed with buying the home.

At one of our networking meetings Kim Julen had mentioned she is doing ‘clearing of homes’ as part of her Feng Shui services. The timing was beautiful for me. I had a home on the market that my client’s sister passed away in and we had it on the market too long. The pipes froze, so she had to take it off the market, get it repaired so we could put it back on. This added to the length of time, but other things in the home were never right for each buyer who looked. The price kept lowering. I decided to give this a try.

I had already been praying for a buyer, so every part of the process felt good and peaceful. The required actions were simple to do and made sense to me. The second showing that happened I had an accepted purchase agreement. My seller enjoyed the closing listening to the buyer’s state all the great things in the home they loved when they looked at it. The timing was perfect as they were about to take their home off the market . They let one more buyer see their home and received an offer. Everyone left there with smiles on their faces and ready to move on.

Pam Ott-Morse
Coldwell Banker Burnet

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