Watch the Find Your Flow video (June 20, 2019)
Listen to the Find Your Flow audio (June 20, 2019)

Watch the Find Your Flow video
(May 31, 2019)
Listen to the Find Your Flow Audio (May 31, 2019)

Take the Flow Assessment Quiz!
(I have this in document format also - request via email)

Rate each area on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 means you don’t have this figured out at all or are struggling a lot with this and 10 means you’ve nailed this and it’s going great. I have provided questions to consider to help you determine where you fall on the 1-10 scale for each area

Area 1 – Soul Map Rating _________
Do you know where you’re headed?
Do you have a plan on how you’ll get there?
Are you clear on your next steps in the 4 key areas of your life: Finances, Relationships, Health & Life Purpose?

Area 2 – Home Rating _________
Does your space feel amazing? Do you feel comfortable and supported and at peace?
Is your home clean, clutter free and organized?
Are you able to easily find what you need?

Is your space energetically clear?
Are the elements balanced?

Area 3 – Identity Rating _________
Do you know who you are and why you’re here (life purpose}?
Do you know what you want and why?
Are you aware of your Chinese Animal & what type of year you’re having?

What is your core element? Do you know your Ming Gua #? Your Challenging/positive directions?

Area 4 – Flow Rating _________
Do you allow yourself to feel your feelings (rather than avoid or stuff them away)?
Do you know how to uncover the gifts in your emotions and physical pain?
Are your relationships easy and fun?

Do you have as much income or as many clients as you need or want?

Area 5 – Talking to your Team Rating _________
Are you easily able to connect with your non-physical helpers?
Do you know how to ask them for help?
Are you aware of the ways they communicate with you (signs)?
Do you understand the meaning of the signs you receive?
Are you taking action on the guidance you are receiving?

Area 6 – Self-Care Rating _________
Do you know how to take care of yourself energetically, physically, emotionally & spiritually?
If so, are you doing it consistently?
Do you have solid daily practices that keep your vibration in it’s optimum state?

Area 7 – Support Rating _________
Do you have a mentor or a coach? Who keeps you accountable?
Is there someone you can ask your spiritual, energy, relationship or environmental questions?
Is there a “text a friend” you can rely on to help you shift in the moment?
Who has your back? Do they have the tools and experience to help you stay on track?

*Add all the ratings together to get your score ______ out of a potential 70 points to get your Flow Score.

I’d love to help you Find Your Flow!  

Find Your Flow | ways to find your life flow + remove what blocks 
In the webinar I revealed:

✔The 6 Steps that will help you Find Your FLOW

✔ What is clogging your energy

✔ The #1 most practical & immediate action you can take to shift into your FLOW state

I answered your questions about finding flow in your life!!

Ways you can PLAY with me to
Find Your Flow!

Angel Readings     For quick guidance!

Angel card readings are one of the most accurate ways for you to receive answers to your life questions and guidance about your future. The angels want very much to help you, yet they can only do so if you ask. Angel readings give you peace of mind, comfort and insight in challenging times as well as joyful times. Kim uses a number of different Angel Card decks to receive information and answers from your angels and guides. These decks contain only positive, life-affirming and gentle guidance and Kim is able to clearly relay their messages to you in a loving way.

Readings are offered in increments from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
If this is your first reading, use the
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If you have more questions about any of these sessions, private coaching, speaking or Feng Shui and Space Clearing services, you’re welcome to
set up a time to chat with me. It’s easiest to schedule a time to chat through my calendar (due to the time difference – I am 4- 5 hours earlier than CST)

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