Feng Shui Fridays! Weekly quick tips to help you shift your life
Feng Shui Fridays offers quick tips every week to help you shift

General Feng Shui information and intro to Feng Shui Fridays
Introduces the series and provides basic info about how Feng Shui can shift your life.

Feng Shui Fridays | Space clearing |Clean the energy in your home
Step 1 to Feng Shui – Space clearing
Your home collects stuck energy just like it does dust and dirt and it's important to clear it regularly. In this video, I explain why, when and how to clear your space.

Feng Shui Fridays | Cleaning and removing clutter restores flow.
Step 2 to Feng Shui – Cleaning & Removing clutter
Cleaning and Removing Clutter provides information about how clutter affects you and provides quick tips for helping release it.

Feng Shui Fridays | Home repairs -  what broken things represent.
Step 3 to Feng Shui – Repairs
Repairs shares how the things breaking down in your home relate to your life.

Feng Shui Friday | Adjustments and the 3 secrets of reinforcement
Step 4 to Feng Shui – Adjustments & the 3 Secrets to Boosting Feng Shui
What Feng Shui adjustments or cures are and how they are used. Plus, learn about the 3 Secrets of Reinforcement to boost the power of your Feng Shui adjustments.

Creating Your Blueprint

Today's Feng Shui Friday tip shares how to create a blueprint of your home. Your blueprint is the basis for laying the Bagua (Feng Shui mental map) on your space!
Missing Pieces

Learn what a missing piece is within your space and what you can do to energetically "filling" them in

1 - Front Door – Make it Stand Out

2 -Front Door – Pathway to the Door

More about Front Door Energy and how to create a positive flow along the pathway to your front door

Cul de Sac, Corner Lot, T intersections

What to do if you live on a Cul de Sac, dead end street, corner lot or T intersection.

Home Levels & Closets

🏡How the energy of closets affect you and what each level of your home represents.


🏡How fireplaces affect you, the 3 areas it's great to have a fireplace in your home and what to do if it's located in a challenging area of your home.

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