LADIES... Are you ready to Love Your Life?!

If you are...

Spinning your wheels
Feeling STUCK
Procrastinating or delaying your life
Second-guessing yourself or afraid of making the wrong decision
Feeling anxious or stressed 
Feeling lost or like you're living in "limbo land"
Scattered or unable to focus
Stuck in any area of your life

and instead you want to...

Take control of creating the life you want to live
Make decisions with ease
Take action with clarity and confidence
Move forward, feeling motivated and inspired to act
Tap into Divine wisdom
Feel calm no matter what is going on around you
Create harmony and peace where you live and work
Get back in the FLOW of life and stay there

Then... the Love Your Life Initiative is for you!

💜 Love Your Life Program 💜

Super Summer SPECIAL 1/2 PRICE!

This SUMMER (2024) I'll be teaching my Love Your Life course LIVE for the first time in 4 years!
This is an incredible opportunity to see how I created so much magic in my life and learn how to do it for yourself!

Together we will FOCUS ON creating FLOW for you by:

🎯 Removing your energetic blocks
🎯 Improving your relationships with yourself, Spirit & others
🎯 Creating a home that supports you + your desires
🎯 Taking action with clarity and confidence
🎯 Living a life where you feel content, inspired & daily joy!

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Love Your Life Initiative | Connection Clarity Confidence 4 life

The Love Your Life Program is pure MaGiC! It's creation was Divinely guided with the intent of helping you create more flow and truly Love Your Life! 

In the Love Your Life program you will:

💜 Develop a deeper connection with yourself & your Spiritual Guides
💜 Remove the energetic blocks that are holding you back
💜 Find your FLOW so that taking action becomes easy & fun
💜 Create an environment that energetically supports you & your desires  
💜 Experience more Love, Abundance, Joy, Harmony & Magic in your life

The question is... Are you ready to L💗VE YOUR LIFE?

I don't just mean the good vacations and fun birthdays and when things are good.

I mean really loving ALL of your life... even when things go awry or challenges happen like pandemics or loved ones transitioning.

Wouldn't you love your life more if you could flow through bumpy experiences like a gentle river rather than like a huge roller coaster?

The life you desire is possible!
"Kim provides the tools and guides you to a place of receivership and grace where manifesting the life you desire is possible!"  - Louise, New York  


My heart, mind and soul feel different!
My body overall feels different (heart, mind, soul). I think differently when things happen or don't happen. I spend more time quiet and taking care of myself without feeling guilty. I send more love to others for small and big things. I seek daily now my rituals I've put into place to bring peace and joy to me and others."    - Andrea, Minnesota

What's Included
  • SUMMER of 2024 ONLY - 13 LIVE Learning Sessions to help you shift your life in a real and lasting way
  • Membership portal with access to all future program updates & documents
  • Regular LIVE coaching Q&A sessions
  • Private Facebook Group to share wins, ask questions & receive support
  • 15+ Meditations to help you ground, clear, connect and manifest
  • 12 Channeled Guidance Recordings which share profound messages on how to navigate life
  • Powerful Feng Shui cures for: 
    * Blessing & balancing your home
    * Increasing your Wealth & $$ flow
    * Attracting your Soul Mate
    * Improving your Health
    * Cultivating focus and clarity
    * Healing Family relationships
    * Creating new opportunities 
    * Attracting more clients
    * Improving your reputation
  • Lifetime access!!!
  • Complete prior Q&A call archives
  • PLUS 😇 Regular energetic tune ups by the Angels!

  • Swag bag of Surprise Gifts mailed to your home
  • Expert Feng Shui Bagua map of your home ($350 value!)
  • BONUS COURSE:  Declutter Your Home, Elevate Your Life STEP by STEP
  • BONUS Module: Your Best/Worst Directions 
  • BONUS Module: Chinese New Year (prep & Flying Star cures)
  • Lifetime discounts on Feng Shui services & Angel Readings

    Apply for the Love Your Life program here
This program will help you reach your highest potential!  
"This program will not disappoint! It is packed full of so much knowledge, tips and tricks to help you reach your highest potential. Kim is a beautiful light and has put so much love into creating this program to help you see how bright your light is and truly love the life you are living."  
Christie, Minnesota

Benefits of Group Coaching Paired with Online Learning 
  • Lessons include both audio and visual which helps different types of learners (when coaching by phone 1:1 there's nothing for visual learners)

  • The lessons are recorded so you can re-watch to help them sink in and revisit lessons as needed for a boost or refresher

  • Since you can pause the videos, you'll have time to take notes, process and reflect

  • I'm able to include more content and quality in each lesson because I'm not being interrupted by questions or waiting for you to process the information (which you are able to do on the group Q&A LIVE Coaching sessions)

  • The energy of the group is a living thing and I can FEEL the group vibration raising as each individual learns and grows through the course. Further, the success of each member contributes to the group energy while also raising each individual's vibration

  • Group members naturally become cheerleaders for and support one another. You feel heard and realize you are not alone. Others actions and successes inspire and motivate you!

  • Other members ask questions that you hadn't thought of, which gives you fresh perspectives and brings in more wisdom and guidance than you would receive in 1:1 coaching where the pressure is on you to pose all the questions

  • You are taking ownership for your own progress and when you do this and participate fully in the group, you are actually able to shift your life much faster than you would on your own or in 1:1 coaching  (NOTE: If you're looking for someone to hold your hand or spoon feed you, you are probably not a good fit for the Love Your Life program)
From my perspective...

Creating the Love Your Life program in a group format was intentional because it creates the best experience for YOU.

You don't have to wait for me to learn what you need to know to create a life you love living.

I'm able to go deeper with you in the live group Q&A coaching sessions because I'm not having to answer the same questions over and over again for individuals.

My main focus is help you shift as quickly as possible and the group format accelerates both your learning and your results. 

If you are feeling stuck, this program is loaded with tools to help you!
Kim knows her stuff! She is a trusted professional with a wealth of knowledge in the spiritual realm and how to make positive changes in your life. If you are feeling stuck, this program is loaded with tools to help you. It is a very practical, useful and enlightening experience!"  - Jenny, California

When would be a good time to MOVE FORWARD with CONFIDENCE and CLARITY to create a JOYFUL and IMPACTFUL life? How about now?!

Schedule your Love Your Life Discovery Session today to see if you are a fit for the Love Your Life Program!  

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Love Your Life Strategy Session helps bring you clarity.Book now!

When we talk, I'll help you clearly see:

• Where you are now
• What you want
• What's keeping you from creating a life you absolutely love!

By the end of the call, we'll be able to determine if the program is good fit for you. 

Apply for the Love Your Life program here
a Love Your Life member shares her experience about heart opening

Thank you Angels!
" After almost a year of my son and daughter not talking, yesterday my son appeared at my daughter's house while I was visiting. Compassion and forgiveness has begun. Thank you, Angels!
"  - Kris, Maine

 Are you tired of feeling STUCK and know you are ready to SHIFT your life?

The Love Your Life Initiative helps you:

  •  Awaken your intuition
  •  Clear your mental & physical clutter
  •  Uncover & release your limiting beliefs
  •  Keep your energy/vibration high, protected and clear 
  •  Raise the vibration of your environment and YOU so you can attract more of what you want!

If you're ready to MOVE FORWARD with CONFIDENCE and CLARITY to create a JOYFUL and IMPACTFUL life...  
Schedule your Love Your Life Discovery Session today! 

Apply for the Love Your Life program here
Love Your Life Find your flow, Deeper Connections, Abundance, Joy

 You have helped me open up to a whole new way of seeing the world!
"I am working my way through the program. There are so many resources and so much information! I am continuing to grow in my connection with the spirit. My journey continues to progress well and I keep seeing signs that there are spiritual beings assisting in my life.  You have helped me open up to a whole new way of seeing the world and I appreciate it.
I am so glad that I decided to invest in the course. Thank you for all that you continue to do!" 
Anita, Wisconsin
I'm excited to work with you side-by-side to help you achieve a life that's full of flow! 

Your Guide
 Kim Julen -Feng Shui expert and psychic helps you find your flow.
Kim Julen is a highly intuitive Feng Shui expert and psychic who, for the first time, is sharing her unique and powerful energy tools and cures to help you live your most fulfilling life.  

She is a Wind and Water Center Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, International Feng Shui Guild Red Ribbon Practitioner and Board Member and Certified Angel Card Reader. She has been self-employed for nearly 20 years. Kim graduated from St. Thomas College with a business degree and is a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University, Roger Love’s Voice of Success and Brendan Burchard’s High Performance Academy and World’s Greatest Speaker Training. 
Kim has taken bold actions in her own life (like moving from Minnesota to Maui sight unseen).  Through her Love Your Life program Kim brings awareness to those things that are keeping you stuck and helps bring Harmony to your Head, your Heart and your Home. She is excited to help you Find Your Fiji, whatever your dream life is for you!

Who better to guide you than someone who is living her best life, feeling happy and at peace?!    

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