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 Feng Shui Bagua is the mental map for your home.

Your Space Reflects Your Life: What is yours saying?

I recently heard Doreen Virtue say that no one, not even the well known spiritual teachers (including herself) has all their stuff together. Everyone has life issues they are working on. I know I do and I’m willing to bet you do too!

Feng Shui can help you move past your current life obstacles or challenges with ease and grace! It works by helping you get clear about what you really want in your life (your intentions) and taking action to shift the energy around the obstacle. It’s a bit like rerouting traffic around an accident scene. The change you make can be very small and simple, like keeping the toilet seat down. It doesn’t cost you anything to do that, yet it will keep your money from escaping down the drain. Read More...

Are you keeping ashes? Learn how they affect the energy of spaces

The Energetic Challenge of Ashes

Many people keep the ashes of their loved ones in their homes and often they are placing them in a location within the home that is energetically harming them. The energy of non-living things (not only ashes, but also dried flowers and other “dead” items) can create many difficulties — everything from lost opportunities and income to health and relationship challenges.

Dead things and ashes, whether human or pet remains, represent stuck or stagnant energy and it is best to remove them from your home. If you have dead trees in your yard, remove them. If you have plants that are dead or dying and cannot be revived, remove them. Read More...

Windows represent the voice of children in your home.

Back to School Feng Shui Tips

It’s back to school time which is an adjustment for kids from the carefree days of summer to new classes, homework and sometimes even a new school and new friends. It’s a great time to take a look at your home with a Feng Shui eye to insure a successful year for your students.

Here a few of my favorite tips for your children: Read More...

Bells bring good things. Learn how bells are used in Feng Shui.

Bells Brrrring Good Things

Bells are commonly used in Feng Shui for adjustments and for attracting energy and opportunities. Bells are used in many religious and spiritual practices as well. Bells even symbolize holidays such as Christmas or the winter season (think sleigh bells). There's something magical about the sound of bells that makes you stop and listen. The sound of church bells ringing or a doorbell certainly gets your attention.

Bells represent movement and also have a calling or attraction energy. They can be used for protection and decision making as well.  Read more...

Cleaning your house can shift the energy in your space and life.

Feeling Stuck? Clean Your House!

I have a confession. A few weeks ago my house was really dirty. I mean, like you could write your name in the dust on my dresser dirty. And the sand in my back entry hall filled a dust pan! Those of you who live in winter wonderlands know what I’m talking about, right? Somehow the sand they spread on the roads to keep cars from slipping just appears in the house, like magic, except not as much fun.

The dirt was getting to me. I was also feeling stuck, unmotivated and even a bit lethargic. So, I took a day off from working to clean. Read more...

Clear clutter once and for all using Kon Mari Method for flowClear Clutter Once and For All

Clutter is not Feng Shui’s friend. I’ve written about this topic before in Do You Need a Clutter Buster? and Clearing Clutter in Disguise. There are great and useful tips in those blogs. So why am I bringing it up again?

1. Because despite my best efforts, I still had some clutter and I know you do too.

2. I discovered an amazing decluttering method that actually works and had me clearing bags and bags of clutter from places in my home I didn’t think were cluttered! Read more...

 Clear clutter in disguise. What things are holding you in life? Clearing Clutter in "Disguise"

What if your space is pretty clear of clutter and you’re still not attracting the things you most want into your life? Then it’s time to address clutter that’s disguised as something else. Perhaps it’s a keepsake, like your children’s art. Or maybe it’s something you paid a lot of money for and never used. You don’t want to donate it and yet can’t find anyone who wants to buy it.

Last weekend I hosted a Feng Shui Dream Board workshop for a small group of clients. We were creating a talisman for our dreams – something to remind us daily of what we want to draw into our lives.  Read more...

Clutter drains your energy and keeps you from manifesting dreams.
Do You Need a Clutter Buster?

If you want more money, you do! The quickest way to manifest more money is to clear out clutter. Clutter busting helps with a number of other life issues as well!

When I do a Feng Shui home consult, I specifically ask the client not to clean or straighten up. By seeing how they live on a daily basis, I’m better able to help them shift the energy in their space and get to the root of their life challenges.    Read more...

Doors in Feng Shui represent adults voices|Door issues affect you

Doors Affect Your Voice & More

In Feng Shui, doors represent the voice of adults in the home (windows are the voice of children – see more tips for children in Back to School Feng Shui Tips). Your doors may be having a bigger effect on your life than you know.

Door issues can cause: • Arguing • Complaining or whining • Confusion • Lack of direction • Voices to be silenced
• Blocked energy • Money going “out the door” • Relationship conflict • Slanted vision of life or self •Opportunities to be limited  Read more...

Down the Drain: How toilets affect your life

Down the Drain: How toilets affect your life

Indoor plumbing is a great convenience. I shudder to think what it would be like to use an outhouse during one of our freezing Minnesota winters!

Toilets are a necessity yet in Feng Shui they represent draining energy. Toilets contain the biggest drains in your home in comparison to sinks, showers or bathtubs. They can literally be a drain on health or wealth or whichever area of your home they are located. The good news is that very simple Feng Shui adjustments can help get things flowing in the right direction again!

Health is the center of it all in your life and Feng Shui Bagua Health ~ the Center of It All

The center area of the Feng Shui Bagua represents Health. It touches all other areas of the Bagua, just as the state of your health affects every area of your life, right? Your health affects your creativity, your children, your relationships, your reputation, your finances, your family, your ability to learn, to travel and most definitely affects your career.

There are many things in the center of your home/Bagua that may be affecting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health on an energetic level. Read more...

Boost holiday cheer with these 12 quick Feng Shui and Energy TipsHoliday Cheer: 12 Quick Feng Shui & Energy Tips

Holidays are a time of joy, of stress, of fun activities, parties and obligations. Sail through this year's holiday with ease and grace.
#1) Hang a bell on your front door to attract good energy and opportunities and gain clarity about your career. You can leave the bell there all year long if you like. Bells also help you (and others) make decisions. See my Bells Brrrring Good Things blog for more information on the magic of bells in Feng Shui adjustments.

Feng Shui for love helps balance relationships, health and more.Love Feng Shui

Whether you are in a relationship or still searching for your soul mate, Feng Shui paves the way for more harmony in your relationships. 

In the relationship arena, Feng Shui can help •Bring balance, equality and harmony
•Get the sparks flying again •Attract your soul mate •Reduce/eliminate arguments
•Improve relationships with family, friends and coworkers •Deepen your relationship with yourself or creator  Read more...

Working from home? Feng Shui tips for you to create balance here.
Home Office Feng Shui Tips

I often work with clients who are self-employed and work from home. This can present a number of Feng Shui and life challenges. In smaller homes where there isn’t an extra room to use for an office, you may not have a defined work space. Or, if you do have an office, that space may be cluttered or used for multiple purposes. Work may also spill into other areas of the home or you find yourself doing work in the family room or at the kitchen table.  Read more...

Desk Placement Tips to bring more success to you in your career.

Feng Shui for Work - Desk Placement Tips

Take charge of your career by moving your desk

Do you feel out of control at work? Surprised or unprepared for what comes at you or like you’re handling too many pesky details? The position of your desk is an important factor that affects how you feel at work, your productivity and your reputation.  If your desk is:  Read more...

Selling your home with Feng Shui - tips to sell home more easily.
Selling your Home with Feng Shui

There are many factors that affect the speed with which your home sells. As I write this blog, it is very much a “Seller’s Market” and realtors say there is not enough inventory of homes to meet the needs of all the buyers. And yet, some homes take longer to sell than others. Why is that?

Homes have an energy to them, just like people and objects do. Prospective buyers can feel the energy of your home. Take my house, for instance. It has great energy. People love to hang out there. I enjoy hanging out there myself! But, as many of you know, I am moving to Maui. So my house needs to be sold.

As I prepared my house for the market, there was much to do. Doing this “work” requires that you look at the space that has been your home in a whole new light. My realtor and home stager helped me see my house and the things in it from the buyer’s perspective. I also prepared my home energetically using Feng Shui and other helpful practices.  Read more...

Your Front Door is where energy and opportunity enters your space

Shut the Front Door - or Open It!!

When you hear someone talk about Feng Shui, an image of a front door painted red may come to mind. In Feng Shui, we refer to the front door as the “mouth of chi.” This is where the energy and opportunities enter your home and, in effect, your life.

Can you see your front door from the street? Or is it blocked by overgrown bushes or trees? Perhaps your front door is actually on the side of the house. How is the energy and opportunities going to find you?! Is the pathway from the street to your front door welcoming? What about your front door itself? Does it blend in with the rest of the house?

The truth is you don’t need to paint your front door red. Read More...

Ups & Downs: Feng Shui for stairs - tips to balance stair energy.

Ups and Downs - Feng Shui for Stairs
Stairs and steps are necessary for moving from one level to another. Yet stairs can impact your life depending on where they are located, the type of steps and risers that are used and what they face.

Stairs are heavy and can bring down the energy in those areas of your home. Steps can also cause “up and down” energy in the area of the Bagua where they are located. For example, a staircase in the center of your home (which relates to health in the Feng Shui Bagua) can have an up and down effect impacting your health so sometimes it’s good and sometimes it is not so good.

Steps can also confuse the energy, as in the case of split level entries. The energy and opportunities come in the door, but then they aren’t sure where to go… to go up or down or stay in the foyer? Read more...

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