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  Angel Message Circles are a powerful way to receive guidance now.
Angel Message Circles 2x/month

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The Angel Message Circle gives you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your angels and guides. We meet virtually twice a month for a group circle where I'll answer your personal questions!

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Join my Angel Message Circle Patreon for only $27/month and you receive:
  • Archangel Insight Guide
  • Monthly Angel Message Circles ~ 90 minutes 2x/month where you can ask your personal questions + you benefit from the guidance that comes through all members questions!
  • Private Facebook group to connect with me & like-minded souls
The Angel Message Circle is for you if you...

💜 Would like to navigate your life with more ease and grace
💜 Enjoy the energy of Angels & want to connect more deeply
💜 Are ready to open up to receiving more intuitive guidance
💜 Love receiving specific action steps
💜 Enjoy the comfort of confirmation
💜 Are seeking a high vibe community of like-minded souls

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Angel Reading General Information         
(Readings are conducted over the phone or zoom for outside the US)

What is an Angel Reading?
What is an Angel Reading? Watch video to find out what to expect!
Watch this video to find out!

Read about Client Experiences

Do you have a question or need guidance in your life right now?
Are you experiencing challenges with family or romantic relationships?
Are your finances less than desirable?
Are you unhappy with your career or considering a career change?
Has your health declined?

Common Reading Topics

Life Purpose / Career
Yes/No Questions
Business Direction
Connecting with Loved Ones who have passed

Angel card readings are one of the most accurate ways for you to receive answers to your life questions and guidance about your future. The angels want very much to help you, yet they can only do so if you ask. Angel readings give you peace of mind, comfort and insight in challenging times as well as joyful times.Kim uses a number of different Angel Card decks to receive information and answers from your angels and guides. These decks contain only positive, life-affirming and gentle guidance and Kim is able to clearly relay their messages to you in a loving way. 

Angel Readings
New Client Special! Use Coupon Code "ANGEL20" to save 20% on your 1st Private Reading with me!

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"I prefer to have 2-hour angel card readings because it gives me the most time to really understand and process the information that is revealed during the session. The more time I spend with Kim on the phone, the better I am able to “loosen up” and calm down enough to really hear what my guides are telling me."  Ivy Ellerby

You will learn about the PAST (basis of the situation), PRESENT (what you need to know or work on right now) and FUTURE (what the outcome will be if you follow the guidance in the present cards.)

You will also receive:
  • Pictures of the Main Angel Tarot Cards that came up during your reading via email as well
  • As a special BONUS you get my Archangel Insight Guide filled with tips for connecting with your angels and a handy reference for 15 of the Archangels so you know who to call on for your particular issues.
  • A link to your Recorded Reading so you can listen to it again and catch every detail! 
Pay close attention to any thoughts or ideas you receive during the reading and as you listen to it again. These thoughts, feelings and ideas provide further guidance from your angels. Subjects other than the one you inquired often come up as well and the Angels will always answer the question on your heart, regardless of what you ask about.  Once the channels are open, they love to share as much information as possible in the time we have together.
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