2 hour Angel Readings
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2 hour Angel Readings |guidance| all your life questions answered

"Angel readings with Kim have brought me confirming goose-bumps, clarity, and feelings of renewal and courage to move forward. My all-time favorite session with Kim was a 2-hour Angel reading. Although at first that sounds excessive, the 2 hours flew by and it was the first reading where I walked away with ALL my life questions answered. Kim is soooo well connected with the Angels and so compassionate when she delivers their messages. The investment was worth every dime. I intend to continue working with Kim and will keep referring others to her, too!

Julie Jacky, Certified EFT Practitioner & Money Coach  www.JulieJacky.com

2 hour Angel Readings |guidance| all your life questions answered

"I prefer to have 2-hour angel card readings because it gives me the most time to really understand and process the information that is revealed during the session. The more time I spend with Kim on the phone, the better I am able to “loosen up” and calm down enough to really hear what my guides are telling me. I compare it to being in traffic on the highway. When you finally get out of the car after being stuck in traffic, you are uptight, anxious and need to just exhale. The same is true with readings, it takes you about a half hour to really calm down from your daily schedule and align your energy field to be able to receive the messages the angels and guides are providing.

An example I gave to a friend of mine is that it’s like going to an orchestral concert. When you come in from a loud and busy city street, your ears have not adjusted to hear the piccolo solo, softly playing behind the large brass section. But once your ears and eyes have adjusted---you become more
sensitive to hear what the composer intended you to hear and feel during the piece.

After 2 hours, I don’t feel rushed and if a healing needs to take place during the session, there is ample time for that as well. I am very inquisitive and want to understand everything that is being revealed to me during my session. So I ask a lot of questions and want time to have my questions answered. I will always make time for my 2-hour tune-up! Thanks Kim for helping me navigate life!!!

Ivy Ellerby, Eastern Design and Home Staging, LLC

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