Join me in Hawaii for the Maui Celestial Retreat 
October 9th- 15th, 2020 in Maui, Hawaii
More details coming soon! 

We had an epic time at the Vitally You Maui Retreat  November 9th- 15th, 2019
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Vitally You Maui Retreat November 2019 | Reserve your spot today!   Maui Retreat | beach, sun, palm trees, sand, vacation, relaxation
If you are...

Struggling to create a life that feels connected and authentic and
Weary of juggling all the demands draining your time and energy

NOW is the time to...

Take better care of yourself,
Feel supported and uplifted by Angels & a community of high vibe souls, and
Live an easier, more fun-filled and fulfilling life!

If you want more HARMONY & BALANCE for your Head, Heart & Home, then this retreat is for you!

Join us for the 2019 Vitally You Retreat in Maui, Hawaii and you'll leave Maui... 
  • Feeling relaxed , rejuvenated, peaceful, clear and grounded
  • With a 90 Day Creation Plan
  • Knowing what's on your 50 Fun Things list for the year
  • Embraced by the Archangels love and support  
  • Having your own Self-Care Tool Kit for accessing peace & harmony at home
  • Understanding the 5 feng shui elements  & how to use them to create balance in your home & life
  • Intimately connected with your feelings and knowing how to work with any emotion that arises
  • Feeling more alive and excited about your life and your future!!!
You had me at Maui - Count me in!  
The magical island of Maui is a powerfully potent place to re-imagine and re-create your life!
Maui Hawaii | Vitally You Retreat November | Nearby retreat villa Feeling the soft white sand warming your toes as you watch the Pacific ocean waves lapping at the shoreline, palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze and the scent of plumeria drifting by... 
... it's the end of an incredible day spent connecting with your dreams and desires , relaxing on the beach and  snorkeling with the most beautiful, colorful fish you have ever seen. Even the turtles showed you how to chill and float without a care! 

You laugh with new friends, sharing tales of boogie boarding for the first time and feeling like a kid again . You're excited for the next adventure - exploring the lush tropical forests and seeing stunning waterfalls  on the Road to Hana!

Breathing in the fresh, balmy air, you can hardly believe that you are spending a week here... in this tropical paradise!  

(It's hard NOT to feel like you're on the movie set of Blue Hawaii!)

Ahhh…the warmth and relaxation of Maui!   Let me tell you more….  

Toes in the sand, warm breezes & waterfalls... I'm there!   

Waterfall on Road to Hana | Vitally You Maui Retreat |Hawaii 2019 Maui is the most AMAZING place to spend a week...

The Elements of nature are so vibrant and balanced here!

We'll be exploring how to engage and work with the 5 feng shui elements to create balance and harmony within your environment, body, career, relationships, emotions & more! 

You'll see how the elements can be used within your space, in movement and even through your food and clothing choices. 

Each element brings a special gift here on Maui: 

Earth (grounding) is present in the rocks, soil and sand
Metal (clarity) emerges in natural arches, lava, white flowers
Water (flow) is abundant in waterfalls, ocean & fresh pools
Wood (growth) appears in lush plants, huge trees & flowers
Fire (passion) arises in the tropical air, hot sun & tiki torches

You'll learn the  core element that represents who you are and how you show up in the world and how to feed it.

Integrating your core element into your space will help you feel more comfortable, connected and confident.  

You'll leave with an understanding of all of five of these elements and how to work with them to create more BALANCE & HARMONY in your Home, Relationships, Career & Finances. 

I'm already there in my mind!! Sign me up...

Swimming in fresh waterfall pool of Ching''s Pond on Road to Hana! This incredible retreat experience was designed specifically for YOU... with a perfect pace and plenty of open time.  You will integrate your Spiritual truths with practical and tactical tools for living an  authentic and balanced life all while experiencing a deep relationship with nature via the land and waters of Maui. 

THIS is an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

Maui is indeed a magical place, as it is considered the heart chakra of the earth . And Haleakala (our mountain and dormant volcano crater) matches the Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second, the same resonance of your heart! 

Maui’s energy is incredibly receptive and abundant. You will
feel more grounded and taken care of here and because the veil is thinner, you have greater access to your Higher Wisdom and your spiritual team of angels & guides.

The island of Maui and all the archangels will be surrounding you with oodles of love while you are here. You will be "assigned" a specific angel that will work with you during your stay. Further, each room of the villa will have an angel anchoring it and keeping the energy clear! 

This loving and supportive connection will allow you to open and expand your heart and life in ways you may not have dreamed possible.

Getting away from your everyday life, and exploring the lush greenery and endless beaches of Maui will have you feeling
relaxed and primed to create your NEW LIFE vision !  

View from Wailea Inn penthouse | Join us Vitally You Maui Retreat Plus you’ll be able to pick my brain on:

Feng Shui questions  
For your home, office, relationships & more… 

Self-Care Practices
What I do to clear my energy & keep it clear & more… 

Connecting to the Angels & Your Spirit Guides
How to open, what to ask for help with & more… 

Emotional Triggers 
How to feel your emotions, handle the people who trigger you & more… 

Life Purpose 
Ideas for tapping into creativity, using energy to attract what you want & more… 

And whatever OMG this-is-driving-me-crazy life questions that you can think of!

Being able to talk through what you're experiencing so you can process what's arising for you is SO IMPORTANT to creating an aligned life!

And let’s not forget, we’ll be eating incredibly delicious, nutritious 
high vibe food  (from our amazing chef Kyra of More Pleaze) and experiencing sacred ceremonies and beauty as well!

Okay I’m swooning, sign me up right now!  
The Venue... Wailea Inn   
The Venue - The Luxurious Wailea Inn

The Vitally You Retreat will be held at the beautiful and luxurious  Wailea Inn on the sunny south side of Maui, Hawaii. You will fly into the Kahului (OGG) airport on Maui , which is about 20 minutes from the villa. The villa which a private pool and Jacuzzi, beach chairs, towels, beach toys, umbrellas and much more! Take a peak at these luxurious accommodations below!

Tucked away on a residential side street, oceanside of South Kihei Road, the Wailea Inn offers privacy and convenience .

There are unlimited activities just steps away from the property. You can walk to The Cove beach across the street and go surfing or stand up paddle boarding.

At the end of the street is Charley Young Beach, a long stretch of white sand beach great for swimming, beach walks, boogie boarding and watching gorgeous Maui sunsets .

Snorkeling, whale watching, shopping, and dining at nearby restaurants are some of the many activities within walking distance from the Wailea Inn.

The neighboring Kalama Park has tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts and running paths. Surf Schools, bicycle and scooter rentals, spa treatments and a farmer’s market are just around the corner.  

Overhead view of Wailea Inn Villa   View of Penthouse entry    Pool, hot tub & outdoor patio  
Wailea Inn | 2019 Vitally You Maui Retreat | Aerial View of villa
Wailea Inn | Vitally You Maui Retreat | penthouse entrance stairs
View of pool and hot tub at Wailea Inn | retreat, relax, recharge
Haleakala Hideaway Bedroom  Pool View From Penthouse   Poolside Palisade Bedroom  
Twin Bedroom Wailea Inn| Vitally You Maui retreat November 2019!!
Penthouse pool view Wailea Inn| Vitally You Maui retreat Nov 2019
Poolside Palisade | Wailea Inn| Vitally You Maui retreat Nov 2019
 Garden area at the villa   Yoga lawn overlooks the ocean   Living room of penthouse  
Garden view at Wailea Inn property | Vitally You Retreat Nov 2019 Ocean front lawn for yoga and dance |Vitally You Retreat Nov 2019
Penthouse of Wailea Inn| Vitally You Maui retreat November 2019!!

Check out the
Charley Young Beach Video to see the area surrounding the Wailea Inn. 

OMG – Register me please!  
The Food 

All food at the Villa will be prepared by our private chef Kyra Bramble of More Pleaze (don't you just love that business name?!). She flowed into the Vitally You Retreat family as if on a dream and was certainly brought to me by the angels. Kyra is so passionate about creating incredible, delectable and healthy food!  More than that...she is intentional about infusing the food with LOVE as she creates it. 

Imagine filling your body with food that tastes amazing, is good for you AND is made with love...for a whole week!  How do you think your body will feel after that experience?! 

Upside down GF vanilla bean pineapple cupcakes with lilikoi glaze
"Through food I have found a way to share my soul with the world." Kyra Bramble

Kyra is a Maui local and she loves to nourish others with her delectable creations. A classically trained chef turned yoga teacher and raw food expert, her style is diverse and ranges from therapeutic live food to vegetarian California-Hawaii fusion to high-end farm-to-table cuisine. With years of event planning and front of house experience, her presence is warm and easily meshes with families, individuals, and groups of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

She believes that through food we learn about spirituality, science, history, and our own unique bodies.
Her goal is to inspire others to respect and LOVE the food they put inside of themselves.

Opah Ceviche with local mango, papaya, herbs, sweet potato chips! Kyra Bramble is the owner, founder, and head chef of More Pleaze . She has a Le Cordon Bleu degree, a Wild-crafter Certification from Earth Medicine Institute, an Ayurvedic Chef certification from Hale Pule, and a 1000+ hour Holistic Nutrition certification through Hawthorn University, and is a RYT from Mangala Yoga.  

Kyra will be preparing food in sync with the 5 Feng Shui Elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) to help you understand how you can use food to balance your energy.   

Food is an important and valuable part of up-leveling your energy and your life. Plus, it's important to be nourishing your body as you are transforming your mind and spirit! Having delicious, nutritious food prepared for you throughout the Vitally You Maui Retreat is only one of the ways you will be cared for.  The Archangels and I are creating a beautiful, nourishing container for your personal growth in so many ways! 

Vitally You Details

 Accommodations, Transportation & Meals:
  • 7 days / 6 nights in a luxurious private villa at the Wailea Inn on the sunny south side of Maui
  • Our villa is steps from world-class beaches , parks, shopping, restaurants and activities
  • Private pool and Jacuzzi on the property for sunning, swimming and relaxing
  • Beach towels, chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards & other beach toys are provided
  • Healthy, organic, locally sourced meals  prepared by our private chef including delicious fresh Maui fruits and juices
  • Transportation from and to the villa and all excursions

Vitally You Activities   

Activities to Uplift You:
  • Traditional Hawaiian Lei greeting upon arrival at the villa
  • 3 mornings of Yoga & 2 sessions of Nia dance (ocean front or in the spacious yoga studio)
  • Daily guided meditations
  • Snorkeling Boat Cruise excursion (we may see dolphins & whales along with turtles & a stunning array of fish!)
  • Waterfall Hike excursion on the famous lush tropical Road to Hana (swimming in a freshwater pool)
  • Full Moon Mythology Bonfire  with organic Maui grown 'Awa Ceremony 
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Authentic Ceremonial Cacao (opens you to potent healing)
  • Experience the culture of Hawaii and the true meaning of Aloha
  • Soak up the sun and appreciate Maui's world-famous sunsets (you may even see the "green flash"!)
  • Plenty of time for you to relax and enjoy the gorgeous beaches , swim, play & swirl with the energy of Maui

  Vitally You Experiences

Experiences to Become More Vitally YOU:

  • Engage in daily rituals to raise your vibration (which are easy to bring home with you)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of feng shui elements & how to use them to balance your space, life & emotions
  • Illuminate your next steps by developing your 90 day Creation Plan & watch your life and work flourish!
  • Create your 50 Fun Things List  and start making them happen while you're on Maui
  • Recognize Resistance & Limiting Beliefs blocking your dream life and practice working through them
  • Examine your emotional responses and awaken to their gifts and messages
  • Deepen your connection with the Divine, expand your intuitive skills & converse with your Spiritual Team
  • Gain insight into how your environment is impacting you and receive specific ideas to "feng shui" your space  
  • Receive guidance on using the elements and energy flow to create greater business & life success

BONUS!  Swag Bag filled with items to support you during the week and upon your return home from Paradise! 

Save my Spot for the November 2019 Vitally You Retreat on Maui HI

Retreat Options and Pricing

Retreat Options and Pricing

Shared Bedroom & Bathroom - Twin Beds    
$3,555  + tax    

Private Room with Private Bathroom- King Bed  (limited availability)
+ tax     

Local Rate - NO Accommodations  (includes meals + all activities)
$2,044  + tax     

* Hawaii General Excise Tax (GET) is 4.166% on all products and services.    

Reserve your spot now with a $1522 down-payment!

Additional Payments
Remaining balance is due within 30 days or by September 30th, whichever comes first.

Cancellation Policy
Deposit payments are non-refundable. 
All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellations received between April 1st, 2019 and June 1st, 2019 will result in a total loss of your initial deposit of $522 and a 25% loss of your second payment. Cancellations received between June 1st, 2019 and August 15th, 2019 will result in a total loss of deposit and a loss of 50% of the balance of retreat price. Cancellations received between August 15th, 2019 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds.  

Check out  Villa Details & Room Availability  here
What's Included

• 7 days / 6 nights in a luxurious villa at the Wailea Inn in Kihei, HI
• Use of private pool and jacuzzi on the Wailea Inn property
• Use of beach towels, chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards & other beach toys
• Transportation to and from the villa (from airport or your hotel) on retreat start & end dates
• 16 meals during your stay and on excursions
• Use of washer and dryer at the villa
• Traditional Hawaiian Lei greeting upon arrival at the villa
• 3 sessions of morning yoga
• 2 sessions of Nia dance
• Daily guided meditations
• Snorkeling boat cruise excursion
• Partial Road to Hana tour with waterfall hike excursion
Full Moon mythology bonfire with organic Maui grown 'Awa Ceremony
Crystal bowl sound healing with authentic Ceremonial Cacao
• Transportation to/from all excursions off property
50 Fun Things workshop
• 4 Group Sessions with Kim
• Swag Bag filled with items to support you during the week and upon your return home from Paradise!

What's Not Included    

• Your round-trip airfare from your home to Maui, Hawaii
• Transportation to and from your hotel or condo and the airport, should you choose to extend your trip before or after the retreat
• Monday night meal after snorkeling trip (heavy appetizers will be provided on boat)
• Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis and laundry services
• Any activities, healing sessions, massage & tours not included in our package
• Alcoholic beverages, non-included drinks and snacks
• Tips for the drivers, guides, maids and bell boys
• Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance, medical costs, the costs of hospitalization and evacuation from remote areas, additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control. Trip insurance is recommended! 

Benefits:     You'll Leave Maui...  

  • Feeling relaxed , rejuvenated, peaceful, clear and grounded
  • With a 90 Day Creation Plan
  • Knowing what's on your 50 Fun Things list for the year
  • Embraced by the Archangels love and support & a deeper relationship with Spirit guides
  • Having your own Self-Care Tool Kit for accessing peace & harmony at home
  • Understanding the 5 feng shui elements  & how to use them to create balance in your home & life
  • Intimately connected with your feelings and knowing how to work with any emotion that arises
  • The spirit of Aloha in your heart
  • Feeling more alive and excited about your life and your future!!

  • It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I'll add that videos say even more!  Check out retreat related videos here!

    I want to come!! Sign me up…

    Not Sure if the Vitally Retreat is for you?  
    Schedule a chat with Kim and she'll help you determine if it's a good fit! 

    Dear Amazing You,

    It's time to return to who you truly are - the VITALLY YOU being who came into existence to live a bright, beautiful, abundant, connected, peaceful and vibrant life!

    You long to
    live the life you've always dreamed about . Yet it seems like someone or something or some circumstance or even some aspect of yourself always gets in the way. You long for a clear vision for creating your dream life - that life you never have to take a vacation from - doing what you're meant to be doing in your life and work and loving every minute of it. 

    You have threads of  connection...times when you receive clear guidance and action steps and know exactly what to do and actually do it. But then the doubts or fears creep in. The guiding voices seem muffled or they've gone radio silent.

    Believe me - I've been there!  I KNOW how frustrating it is to feel you have a big purpose in life and be unable to embrace it or create it.

    Moving to Maui changed everything for me.

    The energy of Maui is healing and transformative beyond what words can express.

    Don't worry, you don't need to
    move to Maui! Through my journey here and living on this magical island I've learned key tools that allow me to live a vibrant, joyful, calm and connected life, every day . And more than that, I'm happy! Even though I haven't created everything I desire to experience in my life, I feel good!

    And you can too! 

    For the FIRST TIME EVER I'm sharing some of my best tools with you for living a magical life- on the beautiful tropical paradise of Maui during a week long retreat!

    The Vitally You Retreat is different than any other retreat you have ever experienced...

    You will be surrounded by the Archangels all week long

    Since they are always around me and you will be spending the week with me, you get to hang out with them all week too. You will have a specific Archangel anchoring your room and assisting you throughout the week with whatever Spirit guides you to work through.

    I will be clearing each and every room myself and calling on the Archangels to anchor the space for you. Plus, I'll be sharing with you how to connect more deeply with the Archangels and
    develop a stronger relationship with your Spiritual Team of angels and guides.

    Maui Revitalizes You & Raises Your Vibration

    Maui IS magical! It is a powerfully potent place to
    revitalize, relax and raise your vibration . Because Maui is the heart of the earth and contains a unique vortex of energy and ancestor support, it will change you.

    Maui Changes You

    In 1 week you will experience more personal and spiritual growth than you may have experienced in years!

    Those of us who live on Maui often say living here is
    personal development on steroids.  Maui provides a unique opportunity for you to heal old wounds and shift your life experience and a beautiful, comfortable paradise in which to do so.

    Maui Heals You

    If you're ready to create a life and business that is clear, connected, supportive, vibrant, full of flow and operating in the highest possible vibration,
    JOIN ME November 9 - 15th, 2019 for the Vitally You Retreat on Maui!

    Being VITALLY YOU brings vitality, clarity and JOY to your work and your life!

    Love & Hugs 


    Save my Spot for the November 2019 Vitally You Retreat on Maui HI
    Space is limited!  Open to men and women, singles or couples.

    Reserve your spot now with a $1522 down-payment  
    Remaining balance is due within 30 days or by Sept. 30th, whichever comes first. 

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