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2023 Costa Rica Love Your Playful Life Retreat [Spontaneous Fun!]
 January 2023
Love Your PLAYFUL Life Costa Rica Retreat

Imagine a fun-filled week of...
  • Reconnecting with your creative side  
  • Letting loose and laughing  
  • Tuning into your imagination  
  • Feeling more alive and connected to yourself and others
  • Learning, exploring and trying new things in the tropics 
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Love Your Life Initiative | Connection Clarity Confidence 4 life
Love Your Life Group Coaching

The Love Your Life Program is pure MaGiC! It's creation was Divinely guided with the intent of helping you create more flow and truly Love Your Life! 

If you are...
Spinning your wheels, second-guessing yourself or afraid of making the wrong decision, procrastinating or delaying your life, feeling lost or like you're living in "limbo-land" or a groundhog-day, scattered or unable to focus or just feeling stuck in any area of your life...  

And instead you want to...

Take control of creating the life you want to live, make decisions with ease, take action with clarity and confidence,  tap into Divine wisdom, feel calm no matter what's going on around you, create harmony and peace where you live and work and get back in the FLOW of life and stay there...

Then, the Love Your Life program may be for you!

In the Love Your Life program you will:

💜 Develop a deeper connection with yourself & your Spiritual Guides
💜 Remove the energetic blocks that are holding you back
💜 Find your FLOW so that taking action becomes easy & fun
💜 Create an environment that energetically supports you & your desires  
💜 Experience more Love, Abundance, Joy, Harmony & Magic in your life

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Schedule your 
Love Your Life Discovery Session today to see if you are a fit for the Love Your Life Program!  

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When we talk, I'll help you clearly see:

• Where you are now
• What you want
• What's keeping you from creating a life you absolutely love!

Then I'll share how the Love Your Life Initiative can help you:
  • Find your flow
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Shift out of feeling stuck (living a groundhog day life)
  • Start taking action with clarity and confidence
  • Create a life where you feel the joy and happiness that you desire and deserve! 
By the end of the call, we'll be able to determine if the program is good fit for you. Schedule your Discovery Call Today!


FREE Facebook Group!  Find Your Flow with Feng Shui & Angels
Facebook Group | Find Your Flow with Feng Shui and Angels | tips!

Angel Message Circles are a powerful way to receive guidance now.
The Angel Message Circle gives you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your angels and guides. We meet virtually twice a month for a group circle where I'll answer your personal questions!

As an Angel Patron, you receive:
  • Archangel Insight Guide
  • Monthly Angel Message Circles ~ 60-90 minutes 2x/month where you can ask your personal questions + you benefit from the guidance that comes through all members questions!
  • Private Facebook group to connect with me & like-minded souls
  • Complete post archive
The Angel Message Circle is for you if you...

💜 Would like to navigate your life with more ease and grace
💜 Enjoy the energy of Angels & want to connect more deeply
💜 Are ready to open up to receiving more intuitive guidance
💜 Love receiving specific action steps
💜 Enjoy the comfort of confirmation
💜 Are seeking a high vibe community of like-minded souls

Join the Angel Message Circle here!

Patreon is a place that allows you to connect with me more, see behind the scenes and to view content I don't share anywhere else! Choose from:
  • ANGEL MESSAGE CIRCLE (described above)
  • Tip Jar (supporting my work in the world)
  • Decision Dates (described below)
Navigating life is much easier when you follow the energy flow and alignment. The Decision Dates tier gives you access to Chinese Almanac guidance for you (both personal and general) about days that are challenging and suitable for various activities. Knowing these dates helps you with planning your work and activities, travel, recreation, paying bills, and so much more. Following the daily dates helps you get in the flow and brings you more success, good luck and ease in your life!

As a Decision Dates Patron, you receive:
  • Your Personal Monthly Almanac dates for each day of the month. These show the dates to be aware of problems and which days are very lucky plus which days are good for:
    Finance & Wealth
    Getting things done
    Recreation & Relaxation
    Family & Health

  • Monthly Day Officers - working with these helps you create success, ease and flow in life

  • Moon date reminders (full moon and new moon)

  • Mercury Retrograde reminders

  • General good and challenging dates for the specific activities of:
    Starting Projects and Business Opening
    Love, Partnership and Marriage
    Communication, Negotiations, and Friends
    Money Related Affairs
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Free Gift  for you | 9 Fast Feng Shui Fixes to Attract Abundance
Feng Shui Bagua is a mental map of your home reflecting your life   
Your Space Reflects Your Life: What is yours saying?

  Feng Shui for Work: Desk placement tips to help you take charge!
  Feng Shui for Work:
    Desk Placement Tips  

Pairs symbolize partnership in Feng Shui   
  Feng Shui
for Love

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