Feng Shui Wealth Wisdom
Wednesday, December 9th  7:00 - 9:00 pm        Only $27! 

Learn powerful adjustments to attract money and abundance!
Space is limited!


Blissful Balance

6861 Upper Afton Rd, Suite 103
Woodbury, MN 55125

Are you feeling financially stressed?

Is your flow blocked or money not coming in as fast as you’d like?

Stimulate more income and opportunities by creating your very own wealth bowl.

In this fun and interactive session you will:

* Uncover your wealth dreams and set an intention to manifest them
* Discover several ways to attract more abundance into your home & life
* Identify the money spots and wealth corners in your space
* Receive tips for honoring the money that’s coming in & for keeping it safe
* Create a wealth bowl with all kinds of juicy auspicious items!

By setting an intention for attracting abundance and wealth and taking action to create a physical symbol or talisman of this wealth within your home, you will speed up the Law of Attraction and be well on your way to "Finding Your Fiji".

Space is limited...
      Only $27! 

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