Vibration-Raising & Self-Care Actions List

Whenever you are feeling off physically, emotionally or mentally, take action to clear your energy field and feel better. These are suggestions for some things to do

Sea Salt / Baking Soda bath or get in the ocean
Sage yourself
Listen to music
Breathe – take 3 deep breaths
Tap (EFT or cortices)
Walk outside
Say hello to people you see
Read a book
Go somewhere new
Soak up the sun
Draw or doodle
Clean something
Send love to someone
Write a note to friend/child/spouse/parent
Lay on the grass
Look at the clouds/trees/nature
Make something with your hands
Touch plants/flowers
Appreciate something
Learn something new
Knit or crochet
Make jewelry
Watch a good feeling video
Treat yourself
Get a massage
Take a nap
Pay it forward
Write about your feelings
Hug someone
Hang out with a child
Go to a museum, zoo, conservatory
Enjoy the weather, rain or shine
Watch a funny movie
Do something for someone else
Connect with a friend
Do Something Outside Your Comfort Zone
Play with a puppy, kitty or animal
Stretch your body
Do Yoga
Jump on a trampoline
Take a drive in a new area
Ride a horse
Go to gratitude – write it out
Ride a bike or skateboard
Sit in a coffee shop
Clear some clutter
Clear (smudge) your space
Reminisce by looking at photos
Call someone you love or who loves you
Look at the stars
Give someone a gift
Help someone with something
Eat a healthy snack
Color in a coloring book
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