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    Maui Celestial Retreat - November 15 - 21, 2021
    Maui Celestial Retreat | beach, sun, palm trees, relaxing, Angels
    Join me in Hawaii for the Maui Celestial Retreat  
    November 15 - 21, 2021 in Maui, Hawaii

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    If you're Feeling...

    Disconnected from your life, your body & your purpose

    Scattered or unable to focus
    Stuck in any area of your life

    and want to Nurture Yourself with the gifts of...

    CONNECTION ~ with other high vibe souls, your angels & guides & your body
    CLARITY ~ for your life purpose, daily life & decision-making
    CREATION ~ to feel inspired to take action & make your dream life a reality
    Then this retreat is for you!

    Being on Maui, in the heart chakra of the earth, creates an opening like nothing you've ever experienced!  Here you will: 
      • Learn how to talk to Angels & your guides
      • Tap into the playful, joyful version of yourself
      • Become an ambassador of Aloha (love and acceptance)
      • Explore Hawaiian culture, the planets & stars 
      • Have plenty of downtime to relax, recharge & venture off on your own 
      • Feel held, loved and supported and cared for as you move your life to the next level!
    Yes I want that | Maui Celestial Retreat Oct 9-15, 2020 | Connect  

    Past Retreats                    
      We had an epic time at the Vitally You Maui Retreat  November 9th- 15th, 2019

    Vitally You Maui Retreat November 2019 | Reserve your spot today!
      Activities & Sessions we enjoyed:
    • Traditional Hawaiian Lei greeting 
    • Yoga & Nia dance (ocean front or in the spacious yoga studio) 
    • Snorkeling Boat Cruise excursion
    • Waterfall Hike excursion on the famous lush tropical Road to Hana
    • Full Moon Mythology Bonfire  with organic Maui grown 'Awa Ceremony 
    • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Authentic Ceremonial Cacao
    • Experiencing the culture of Hawaii and the true meaning of Aloha
    • Soaking up the sun and appreciating Maui's world-famous sunsets 

    • Developed our 90 day Creation Plans 
    • Created our 50 Fun Things List and started making them happen while on Maui
    • Recognize Resistance & Limiting Beliefs blocking your dream life and practice working through them
    • Examined our emotional responses and awakened to their gifts and messages  
    • Gained an understanding of the 5 feng shui elements and insight into how our environment impacts us    
    • Received guidance on using the elements and energy flow to create greater business & life success
    2019 Vitally You Maui Retreat | snorkel excursion | Hawaii | fun!
    Full Moon Mythology Bonfire | demigod Maui legend | kava ceremonyDance traditional hula on beach with a flower release at sunset!

    Hawaii cultural practitioner sharing traditional greeting, sunsetHiking on the Road to Hana with Hawaii cultural practitioner KaleWaterfall on Road to Hana | Vitally You Maui Retreat |Hawaii 2019Keanae Peninsula on Road to Hana | Maui Hawaii | 2019 Vitally You

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