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    Maui Celestial Retreat - Rescheduled to March 22 - 28, 2021
    2021 Maui Retreat | March 22 - 28 | tropical, angels, stars, sun!
    Join me in Hawaii for the Maui Celestial Retreat  
    March 22 - 28, 2021 in Maui, Hawaii

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    If you're Feeling...

    Disconnected from your life, your body & your purpose

    Scattered or unable to focus
    Stuck in any area of your life

    and want to Nurture Yourself with the gifts of...

    CONNECTION ~ with other high vibe souls, your angels & guides & your body
    CLARITY ~ for your life purpose, daily life & decision-making
    CREATION ~ to feel inspired to take action & make your dream life a reality
    Then this retreat is for you!

    Being on Maui, in the heart chakra of the earth, creates an opening like nothing you've ever experienced!  Here you will: 
      • Learn how to talk to Angels & your guides
      • Tap into the playful, joyful version of yourself
      • Become an ambassador of Aloha (love and acceptance)
      • Explore Hawaiian culture, the planets & stars 
      • Have plenty of downtime to relax, recharge & venture off on your own 
      • Feel held, loved and supported and cared for as you move your life to the next level!
    Yes I want that | Maui Celestial Retreat Oct 9-15, 2020 | Connect  

    Inner Guidance in Ireland - Postponed 
    Inner Guidance in Ireland | Expedition | Expand intuitive skills!

    Connecting to Your Inner Guidance in Ireland

     Postponed to May or June of 2021

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    Do you get stuck in making decisions in life, career or business?
    Could you use a nudge to step out of rumination and into movement forward?
    We'll invite in the magic of Ireland as we explore a variety of tools to connect with our inner guidance.

    As we tour and explore the beauty of Ireland, you'll have an opportunity to play with the tools to see which work best for you!

    Dublin  ♣  Cork    Killarney & Ring of Kerry   Dingle   Limerick   Cliffs of Moher    Galway

    Past Retreats                    
      We had an epic time at the Vitally You Maui Retreat  November 9th- 15th, 2019

    Vitally You Maui Retreat November 2019 | Reserve your spot today!
      Activities & Sessions we enjoyed:
    • Traditional Hawaiian Lei greeting 
    • Yoga & Nia dance (ocean front or in the spacious yoga studio) 
    • Snorkeling Boat Cruise excursion
    • Waterfall Hike excursion on the famous lush tropical Road to Hana
    • Full Moon Mythology Bonfire  with organic Maui grown 'Awa Ceremony 
    • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Authentic Ceremonial Cacao
    • Experiencing the culture of Hawaii and the true meaning of Aloha
    • Soaking up the sun and appreciating Maui's world-famous sunsets 

    • Developed our 90 day Creation Plans 
    • Created our 50 Fun Things List and started making them happen while on Maui
    • Recognize Resistance & Limiting Beliefs blocking your dream life and practice working through them
    • Examined our emotional responses and awakened to their gifts and messages  
    • Gained an understanding of the 5 feng shui elements and insight into how our environment impacts us    
    • Received guidance on using the elements and energy flow to create greater business & life success
    2019 Vitally You Maui Retreat | snorkel excursion | Hawaii | fun!
    Full Moon Mythology Bonfire | demigod Maui legend | kava ceremonyDance traditional hula on beach with a flower release at sunset!

    Hawaii cultural practitioner sharing traditional greeting, sunsetHiking on the Road to Hana with Hawaii cultural practitioner KaleWaterfall on Road to Hana | Vitally You Maui Retreat |Hawaii 2019Keanae Peninsula on Road to Hana | Maui Hawaii | 2019 Vitally You

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