Feng Shui Dream Boards 

Dream boards help you focus on the things that you want to draw into your life and to activate the Law of Attraction in a positive way. The Law of Attraction is the highest universal law and essentially means that like attracts like. It follows then, that what you focus on will be what you attract into your life. Click here for more info about Dream Boards Kits

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Feng Shui Kits
Space Clearing Kit
Space Clearing Kits  $8.50  
Spaces accumulate stuck and negative energy just as they do dust and dirt. It’s important to regularly clear the energy in your space and using sage to smudge is a very effective and wonderful way to do it!

Sealing the Doors Feng Shui kit for bad luck, ashes, robberies et
Sealing the Doors Kits   $15
Use this special Feng Shui blessing when…
  • You’ve had bad luck in a house
  • You live across from a funeral home, cemetery, church
  • You suspect other living spirits are present in the house
  • When ashes of your loved one are in the house
  • Your home has been robbed or you feel unsafe

Treasure Box kit - powerful Feng Shui remedy to attract abundance
Abundance Kits   $22
Use when encountering financial difficulties or to further enhance cash flow and increase abundance.

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Litigation Kit -powerful Feng Shui remedy for good quick outcomes
Litigation Kits   

Are you involved in litigation?
Would you like it resolved quickly & fairly?

This powerful Feng Shui adjustment is a very intentional set of actions centered around the stove and water, which both have a direction connection to money. These actions melt the stuck money, allowing it to release & flow to you.

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