Nia Dance offered by Beth Giles at Vitally You 2019 Maui Retreat

Nia Dance by Beth Giles | Vitally You Maui Retreat | beach dance
Beth Giles is a Nia Black Belt instructor who discovered Nia in 2004. It transformed her body and her life and it's her passion to share her love of movement and dance with people of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

She teaches eight Nia classes a week plus offers workshops, dance parties and one-on-one movement sessions  in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. 

Beth thrives on the fun and freedom of dancing Nia and empowers her students to move in their bodies' way. For her, dancing Nia is energy medicine for a healthy, joyful and loving life. 

Beth will be leading Nia outside and is excited to realize her dream of teaching and dancing in a tropical place at the Vitally You Maui Retreat.  

She will be incorporating the feng shui elements into her dance classes and helping us release emotions through music, movement and the magic of Nia in Maui. 

Nia Dance by Beth Giles | Vitally You Maui Retreat | beach dance.What is Nia?

Nia combines dance arts, healing arts, martial arts and mindfulness. It is a practice more than just a workout, like a moving meditation. It is practiced barefoot, is non-impact and can be adapted for any level of fitness or capability. 

Nia is meant to nurture your: 
        • Unique self, explore and enhance your potential to life your best life
        • Physical body through awareness leaving you energized
        • Mind, to let go of your monkey mind and focus on what you want, bringing clarity
        • Emotions, by accepting all of them and bringing them into balance
        • Spirit, through exploration

[IMAGE]Watch my interview with Beth Giles! 
Nurture Your Unique Self - Choose JOY

In this lively discussion with Beth Giles, Nia Black Belt instructor, we chat about:
  • Nia & how it combines dance arts, healing and martial arts to bring presence as a moving mediation
  • The importance of both flow and structure (yin and yang)
  • Being authentic
  • Choosing JOY as a path (Nia's main principle)
  • How movement releases emotions
  • Working with the 4 realms: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual
  • Who you are uniquely & how to nurture yourself
Learn more about Nia

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The Vitally You MAUI Retreat is calling you!
Spend a week with Beth, Kim and the Archangels in the tropical paradise of Maui!

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Retreat Dates:    November 9 -15, 2019

The Vitally You Retreat is a perfect way to recreate yourself and prepare for the powerful energies of 2020!!

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