Experience Hawaiian Culture through Makoa Quest Activities
Makoa Quests are experiential tours that immerse you in Hawaiian culture, led by cultural practitioners.

Makoa Quest | Experience Hawaiian Culture through activities here

Each Quest ignites a meaningful relationship with the wisdoms of traditional life-ways. These
rare experiences give you access to private land and the opportunity to learn in-depth, place-based understandings. Let your engagement with the voices of Maui and the heart of the land, open the door to walk in the footsteps of your Ancestors and support the perpetuation of living cultures for the next generation.

Further, Makoa Quest profits provide cultural experiences for low-income Maui youth.

Hula Dancing  Lei making | flowers | own unique lei | learn hula
Hula Dancing  Lei making | flowers | own unique lei | learn hula Full Moon mythology bonfire | demigod Maui tales  | kava ceremonyLei Making Lesson
Learn both the techniques to create your own lei and the significance of its use as an adornment. You'll receive assistance from a Hawaiian cultural practitioner to complete your own unique Lei Po'o (also called a Haku Lei) worn on the head. 

Hula Dancing

Receive an introductory lesson of the Art of Hula and the depth of meaning found within the words, movements and history of this cultural dance. While wearing your lei po'o, we will learn several basic hula steps and then learn a complete hula dance. We will then  dance to traditional Hawaiian music on the beach at sunset!

Full Moon Mythology Bonfire | demigod Maui legend | kava ceremony
Full Moon Mythology Bonfire | demigod Maui legend | kava ceremonyFull Moon Mythology Bonfire, 'Awa Ceremony & Dinner
We will be releasing what no longer serves us under the full moon in the fire. A Hawaiian cultural practitioner will share the mythology of the demigod Maui, including how Maui stole the secret of fire. We will enjoy an organic dinner, traditional Hawaiian 'awa ceremony & cold eucalyptus-scented to refresh us afterwards.

Makoa Quest Interview of Meagan DeGai | Heart of Hawaiian CultureWatch my interview with Meagan on the Heart of the Hawaiian Culture including:

- The immense ancestral knowledge available from Hawaiians
- Relationship with the land
- The elements have messages for us
- "Wahi Pana" ... the Spirit of the place both seen and unseen
- Feeling the spiritual legacy that the Hawaiians built
- The meaning of Makoa = courage
- How Makoa Quest radiates wealth back into the Hawaiian community
- Gathering strength from relationships

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