Home Parties

Angel Reading Party
 * Hostess gets a FREE 15 minute reading!
  • 15 minute private readings for $25
  • Angels ask that guests don’t consume alcohol prior to their readings as it can hinder connection and communication
  • Guests may record their readings, take notes and take a picture of the cards with your phone.
  • Reading guests receive:

Feng Shui Home Parties
* Party Guest Minimum 5 people + hostess

 OPTION #1:  Fun with Feng Shui Intro Party Free!

*Hostess receives a free room consultation (any room of your house) or
$127 discount on a Focused Feng Shui or Life Shift Feng Shui Consultation Package.

Open up to the amazing possibilities with this introduction to Feng Shui.

Guests will receive:

  • Introduction to Feng Shui (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Free color Bagua
  • Quick Tips for using Feng Shui to improve their life!

OPTION #2:  Quick Shift Floor Plan Party $97 per guest & Hostess is FREE!

*Quick Shift Floor Plan normally costs $350 so guests save $253 by participating in the party!

In this 2 hour session guests will:

  • Learn about the powerful effects of using Feng Shui in their home
  • Become familiar with the Feng Shui bagua & how it relates to their space
  • Receive their personal Bagua (mental map) of their space
    Must submit a blueprint of their main level within 5 days prior to the party
  • Participate in a Floor Plan Analysis of their space including missing pieces, stair, fireplace, bathroom & door issues
    Main issues will be covered in group session and adjustments given to remedy issues
  • Receive a color Bagua and the 3 Secrets of Reinforcement

Dream Board Workshop 
* Hostess creates her Dream Board for FREE!

In this 3 hour jam-packed workshop, you and your friends will create your own Feng Shui Dream Board, which is a powerful way to attract everything you want to be, do and have in your life! Guests pay $57, which includes their Dream Board kit, my personal instruction and everything they need to create their boards. 

Party Dates fill fast - Email Kim to book yours today!

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