Would you like to make SIGNIFICANT progress on your goals this year?

Perhaps you...
  • Don't feel motivated to work on your goal or important task
  • Don't even know if you've set the right goal or are working on the right task

  • Don't have a plan to accomplish your goal or task.

Order Your Session NOW  ~ $297

"What an interesting and valuable process. It showed me that I am WAY more strategic than a fantasizer.
It got me to play with my imagination. Really fun!" 
Lori Bestler, Lino Lakes, MN www.MindscapesUnlimited.com


* Gets you completely out of your head
* Focuses on making someone else 120% happy
* Generates transformative thinking and actions from a future story
* Can create unique concepts, projects, solutions, brand names and more
* Helps move you FORWARD.
* Connects with your right brain and/or higher self for the answers and guidance you need!

In this 2 hour in person Future Mapping Session you will...

1) Create a future map for achieving your goal or task
2) Identify three distinct phases for completion
3) Leave with clear, actionable steps for each phase
4) Make someone else 120% happy
5) Have FUN!

Future Mapping Sessions are held in Cottage Grove.
Other arrangements can be made which will include a minimal $25 travel charge for every 50 miles.

Skype Sessions are also available upon request.

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