Find Your Maui!

Exclusive INTRO Coaching (fully remote) FOCUS GROUP for my book, Minnesota to Maui: 4 Extraordinary Ways to Find Your Inner Paradise

Group begins February 5, 2018 and includes 90 days of support for you to OPEN and EXPAND your LIFE!

Find your maui group and private coach program changes your life!

 Reserve my spot for Find Your Inner Maui group coaching program.
Space is limited to 22 participants!

Are you ready for a change? ---> Watch here!

Do you want to live a juicier, more FUN, more FULFILLING more LOVE-filled & PEACEful life?

Now is one of the most powerful times in consciousness because we are at a choice point.

Will you choose to stay where you a mediocre, okay life?

Or will you choose to take your life to the next level, to expand, to grow, to live your purpose more fully and live a life filled with Magic, Ease, Joy and Harmony?!

You get to choose!

I've lived the mediocre life...
Kim when living in Minnesota - this was a happy birthday pic too.

  • Surviving winters in Minnesota
  • Racing around, filling my schedule with meetings, networking events & more
  • Barely making ends meet
  • Working 7 days a week
  • Feeling uncertain about my direction in life
  • On the dating roller coaster
  • Feeling exhausted and yet unfulfilled
  • Living for vacations and self-improvement seminars
  • Feeling guilty for purchasing programs & then not doing them
  • Knowing something needed to change, but not knowing what to do
  • Feeling disconnected, unsupported and lost

Now I live a magic-filled life...and you can too!!

Kim in Maui, living the most magic amazing joy filled life daily.

  • THRIVING surrounded by nature & the beauty of Maui
  • Pushing myself out of my comfort zone & having fun doing it
  • Constant synchronicities
  • New homes, cars, and people line up with ease
  • No more chasing after things - instead they simply FLOW to me
  • More time for PLAY
  • More MONEY flowing with less effort
  • A strong, clear CONNECTION with my Spiritual Team of Angels & Guides
  • Making decisions is easy and fun
  • Lots of ENERGY & a zest for life
  • Living like I'm on vacation every single day so not feeling like I "need" to take one
  • Purchasing only programs I'm guided to and then seeing Spirit line up the time for me to complete them
  • Knowing exactly what to do each day, week and month to live my DESTINY
  • Feeling SUPPORTED and LOVED
  • Acknowledging I can navigate with ease ANYTHING that comes up in my life & having the tools to do so

Bringing Harmony to Your:

Head by encouraging new ways of thinking about life, getting clear about what you truly desire and what’s keeping you from creating that in your life. You will learn to identify your triggers and limiting beliefs and to process your emotions to uncover their gifts.

Heart by creating connection within the group, receiving support and encouragement and uplifting energy through sharing joys, love and light. You will tap into your Higher Wisdom and learning how to connect with your own Spiritual Team of angels and guides so that you hear and understand their Divine guidance and make better decisions. Plus you’ll learn how to keep your energy field clear and increase your energy levels.

Home by understanding how your home correlates to your life and clearing the physical blocks in your space to create an environment that energetically supports you and the changes you are making. You will shift the energy of your space so it has good flow and feels amazing! Using specific Feng Shui adjustments speeds up the magic and provides added support for you to “Find Your Inner Maui!”

Sample bagua map of home showing home areas correlating to life..

This is a journey...

For those that want to do more and be more—just as I did.
You'll receive firsthand knowledge about how I made the big move to Maui
& how to make BIG CHANGES in your own life.

You are being called to a bigger purpose.

You are being called to go within for 90 days to embrace the life you intended to live all along.

💜 Experience MAGIC, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, JOY & HARMONY in your life as you Find Your Inner Maui 💜
 Find your flow, your Divinely Aligned Path and a deeper connection with who you really are

  • Best of both worlds - Group + Private Coaching!
  • Monthly 60 minute Private 1:1 coaching sessions (1 session per mo x 3 mos)
  • Your own Feng Shui Bagua with basic floor plan analysis
  • Monthly remote clearings of your space (x 3 months)
  • New Meditation monthly with recording (x 3 months)
  • Weekly Channeled Guidance recording (12 Channeled Messages!)
  • Weekly Feng Shui Shift action
  • Weekly Spread Your Wings practice
  • 3 Group sessions Monthly (1 FB Live and 2 Zoom Sessions monthly = 9 group sessions!)
  • Energy work by the Archangels during each of the group and 1:1 sessions to support your shifts & upliftment
  • Private Facebook Group to share & support one another
  • Private Online Portal with reference documents
  • Handouts, video links & more to support your expansion
  • Weekly surveys to share your feedback, insights & challenges
  • Inclusion in Daily Prayer Circle ~ Being held & supported energetically by me and my Spiritual Team

Bonus!  2018 Year of the Earth Dog Feng Shui adjustments

The Full Value of these services is $5,000!!
The regular pricing for this program will be at least $777/month or $2,222

Your Investment is only $444/month for 3 months
$1,222/full pay option (Save $110!)

We all need mentors to help us see our blind spots, to think new thoughts and to shift into higher levels of consciousness and JOY.

You are worth the investment of time.

You are worth the investment of money.

You are worth the investment of focused attention to yourself and your personal growth!

Space is limited to 22 participants so REGISTER as soon as you feel a YES!

Past clients have experienced...
  • Greater connection with their own Divine wisdom and Spiritual Team
  • Gained clarity on where they were meant to live
  • Sold homes
  • Met their Beloveds
  • Began living more fully their purpose
  • Attracted new clients and Increased Income
  • Released toxic relationships
  • Improved relationships (more balance and harmony)
  • Moved with ease
  • Deepened (or began) their Spiritual practice
  • Become more intuitive
  • Increased confidence levels
  • Feeling calmer and more at peace
  • Huge shifts in their life (in a good way!)

"Hiring a coach that understands my work was the smartest thing I did last year. Thank you, Kim, for coming into my life and helping me become even more authentic to myself and others! In the months we worked together, I see where small changes are making a huge difference in my business and my life." - Elaine, Minneapolis, MN

“Working with Kim has been life changing. She saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself and revealed the doors for me to open and step through. I now feel more inner peace and I have gained trust in my ability to communicate with my guides. Working with Kim gave me an extra heart, so to speak, an objective observer who very much cares and wants my evolution, to help bring to light those blind spots I may have not been able to see on my own. Kim provides a wealth of information to help navigate this awesome journey I am eternally grateful for her loving support and guidance! I have grown leaps and bounds with Kim's loving support.” – Carol, Hastings, MN

YES! I choose to invest in my growth with the $444 monthly payment option x

YES! I choose to invest in my growth with the $1,222 single payment option

Your Take-Aways include:
  • An acurate Bagua (mental map) of your home
  • Practices to help you navigate your life
  • Tools for staying aligned and connected to who you really are
  • Clarity about what you want and how to magnetize it to you
  • Powerful Feng Shui adjustments to shift the energy in your space and life
  • 2018 Chinese Year of the Dog adjustments
  • 12 Channeled Guidance transmissions you can relisten to again and again
  • 3 Life-shifting, Peace-inducing channeled meditations you can relisten to over and over
  • A community of people who support you, love you and cheer you on with me as your biggest fan

 Reserve my spot for Find Your Inner Maui group coaching program.

Space is limited to 22 participants!

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