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December 2018

Aries this month: Open your eyes & Falling in Love!
Taurus this month: Enjoy the Journey
Gemini this month: Take Action - Fortune with you
Cancer this month: You have the MIDAS touch
Leo this month: Things are looking up
Virgo this month: Happy outcome - follow BLISS
Libra this month: Going back to school
Scorpio this month: Get the BIG picture
Sagittarius this month: Review options – you’re ready!
Capricorn this month: Make that decision – all is possible!
Aquarius this month: Stretch your wings and fly
Pisces this month: Seek mentors & Find little magic

November 2018

Aries this month: Flow with changes
Taurus this month:
Self-discipline & willpower needed
Gemini this month:
Happy outcome
Cancer this month:
End of difficulties – delays are over
Leo this month:
Give birth to your dreams
Virgo this month:
Wishes come true
Libra this month:
Time to move in a new direction
Scorpio this month:
Change your life now
Sagittarius this month:
No need to worry
Capricorn this month:
Midas touch & make decisions
Aquarius this month:
Life is magical
Pisces this month:
You’re on the right path

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