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2019 Chinese Year of the Earth Pig Zodiac Info ... What type of year you will be having?!
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Watch the 2019 Universal Angel Forecast here!
For the first time ever I am providing a Universal Forecast for all which shares the energy and themes of each month in 2019!!

You'll learn: 
* Which months call for self-discipline and willpower
* The months for primary decision-making 
* When to declutter
* The month that's best for money flow
* Where the energy and activities pick up
* The main themes including standing up for your beliefs and decisions, trusting your intuition and following what feels right and true for you!

February 2019 - Happy Valentine's Month

Aries  💜 Reading + Falling in Love
💜 Reading + Step into your power
💜 Reading + Open your eyes to the possibilities
💜 Reading + Balance work and idle time
💜 Reading + Get yourself grounded
💜 Reading + Going back to school
💜 Reading + Fortune is with you
💜 Reading + Tap into creativity
💜 Reading + Transformation Time
 💜 ReadingInflow of abundance
Aquarius 💜
Reading + Beginning of a new cycle
💜 Reading + Reaching your destination

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