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2019 Chinese Year of the Earth Pig Zodiac information. What type of year you will be having?!
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Watch the 2019 Universal Angel Forecast here!
For the first time ever I am providing a Universal Forecast for all which shares the energy and themes of each month in 2019!!

You'll learn: 
* Which months call for self-discipline and willpower
* The months for primary decision-making 
* When to declutter
* The month that's best for money flow
* Where the energy and activities pick up
* The main themes including standing up for your beliefs and decisions, trusting your intuition and following what feels right and true for you!

TIME STAMPS for Upcoming Months:
Sept 21:43   Oct 24:20   Nov 26:44   Dec 28:43

September 2019 is all about Transformation! 

Aries this month: Prepare for & Embrace change
Taurus this month: Give Birth to your Dreams
Gemini this month: Confidence Needed
Cancer this month: Listen to your Intuition
Leo this month: You’ll get there!
Virgo this month: Relationships & Decisions
Libra this month: Abundance & Ideas
Scorpio this month: Take a leap of Faith
Sagittarius this month: Focus & Fortune
Capricorn this month: Delays or Changes to Plans
Aquarius this month: Sun, Moon & Stars Align
Pisces this month: Things are Looking Up

August 2019 

💜 Aries this month:
Life is magical
💜 Taurus this month:
New career
💜 Gemini this month:
Change your life now
💜 Cancer this month:
Open your heart
💜 Leo this month:
Desire to move on
💜 Virgo this month:
Back to school
💜 Libra this month:
End of a difficult situation
💜 Scorpio this month:
Stretch your wings and fly
💜 Sagittarius this month:
No need to worry
💜 Capricorn this month:
Time to buckle down
💜 Aquarius this month:
Time to rest
💜 Pisces this month:
Be true to you

July 2019

Aries this month: Temporary Standstill & Health Reading
Taurus this month: Conflicts Resolve & Health Reading
Gemini this month: Open Your Heart & Health Reading
Cancer this month:
Listen to Your Intuition & Health Reading
Leo this month: See the Positive & Health Reading
Virgo this month: Time of Positive Change & Health Reading
Libra this month: Lavish Abundance & Health Reading
Scorpio this month: Changing Plans & Health Reading
Sagittarius this month: Time to Move On & Health Reading
Capricorn this month: Good $$ News & Health Reading
Aquarius this month: Falling in Love & Health Reading
Pisces this month: Fortune’s on Your Side & Health Reading

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