2018 Zodiac Angel Reading Forecasts are here! 

Wouldn't it be nice to have an overview of what's ahead? 

Navigate the new year with more ease and grace with the Forecast for your Zodiac sign with this 37 card reading!


You know somewhere deep down you know what to do.

If only you could remember what you have forgotten...

Now you can!  NOW 1/2 price...Only $11!

The Angels are here to help you.

With this 2018 Forecast for the year for your zodiac sign, you have access to Universal knowledge
that helps you navigate this “Spirit in a body” experience and be prepared for what's ahead.

Your 2018 Zodiac Angel Reading Forecast provides:
  • A sense of peace, calm and comfort
  • Clear actions to take to navigate your life experiences
  • Ways to hear & connect more deeply with your Angels, Guides & Higher Wisdom
  • Reminders that you are not alone & you have help accessible to you always
"Kim is the real deal! She is generous and kind and her intuitive abilities are right on!  She has a strong sense of what is helpful to share.
Her powerful insights truly changed my life!”
                                               Annalicia Lynn, Mankato, MN

 “The insight I received from several readings throughout the year was so helpful. It reinforced that I was on the right path, which elevated my confidence level.”              Jean Hanson, Otsego, MN


I tell you like it is yet with kindness, understanding and humor.

You will feel like I am talking just to you and that somehow I know you and verbalize exactly what you need to hear.
Sometimes it’s a nudge,pushing you to take the actions you have already been thinking about.
Sometimes it’s a wakeup call that helps you see your blind spots.

And other times...“your Angels are being really pushy about this” because it’s an important, crucial thing for you – something to get you back on the path of your Destiny, what you came here to do.

Your 2018 Angel Reading Forecast for your Zodiac sign includes:

  • Guidance for many areas of your life Career, Life Purpose, Love Relationships, Finances and Health
  • Feng Shui tips for balancing the energy in your home using Crystals
  • Both Audio and Video of your Forecast reading and Feng Shui tips
  • Monthly theme plus 2 additional cards which provide more monthly guidance
  • Theme of the year
Order your 2018 Zodiac Angel Reading Forecast now for only $11!


You are surrounded by Angels and Loving Guides and they want to connect with you more deeply.

What are you waiting for?

If this feels aligned for you, grab your 2018 Forecast now for only $11!

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